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Hi—I'm Guillaume, a Creative Director from Paris now living the Dutch life in Amsterdam. Until I save up enough money to realize my dream of becoming a star-faring astrotourist, I’m realizing new, transformative ideas, back here on Earth.
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Fred & Farid Paris

Senior Creative

How to hijack the world's manliest event?

Context For Orangina MissO!—the sugar free version of Orangina—women are the stronger sex.

Mission How to prove it once and for all?

Idea To create a weapon capable to hijack the manliest event that exists: the Anti-Foot Can, a can that will switch off any football game during the FIFA Men's World Cup 2014.

Above Case Study for the Anti-Foot Can

How does it works?

The Anti-Foot Can embeds a TV-Be-Gone, a technology created during the 80s by the anti-consumerist movement.

Above Assembling of the Anti-Foot Can.

Covering a wide range of standard frequencies it broadcasts an infrared shutdown signal to every TVs 15 meters around.

The Launch

We wanted international attention, so we manufactured more than 5.000 cans.

A day before the World Cup opening, we sent the weapon to key female opinion leaders, bloggers, fans and followers of Orangina MissO! We also released a video of a girl using the Anti-Foot Can in a bar full of football fans.

Above The Anti-Foot Can unleashing its power in a bar.

On Youtube, the video got as much Dislikes than Likes, proving that men didn’t really enjoy the takeover of women.

Awards & Press

Cristal Festival 2014
GOLD (Marketing Innovation)
BRONZE (Brand Entertainment & Content)
BRONZE (Consumer Marketing)
BRONZE (Outdoor)

New York Festivals Advertising Awards 2015
GOLD (Branded Entertainment)

Webby Awards 2015
NOMINEE (Social)

Eurobest 2014
FINALIST (Innovation)

Grand Prix Stratégies du Brand Content 2014
GOLD (Event)

Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport 2014
GOLD (Event)

Design Taxi
Tired Of Soccer? Covertly Turn World Cup Matches Off With This ‘Anti-Foot Can' 

Hate the World Cup? Orangina Will (Covertly) Switch Games Off For You 

Orangina lance la canette anti-foot 

Le Figaro
Orangina invente la canette antifoot 

Since 2018, I've been working as Senior Creative at 72andSunny Amsterdam on brands such as Audi, Axe, Google and HackYour­Future.


2018 → Senior Creative @ 72andSunny Amsterdam


2018 → Associate Creative Director @ Anomaly Amsterdam
2015 → Senior Creative @ Anomaly Amsterdam
2013 → Senior Creative @ Fred & Farid Paris
2012 → Art Director @ Magic Garden
2010 → Art Director @ TBWA Paris


Behind the Source
→ Caples 2020
Silver (Digital B to B)
Silver (Digital B to C)
Bronze (Not for Profit)
Bronze (PR)

→ D&AD 2019
Future Impact Winner (Initiative / Environment and Sustainability)
→ Index Award 2019
Finalist (Community)

→ Cannes Lions 2019
Bronze (Creative eCommerce)
2x Shortlists (Creative eCommerce)
Shortlist (Creative Data)

→ D&AD 2019
Shortlist (Campaign / Environment and Sustainability)
→ Epica Awards 2019
Silver (Promotions & Incentives)
Shortlist (Public Interest - Environment)

Search Sounds
FWA of the Day (September 6, 2019)

Make Love Not Walls
→ Cannes Lions 2017
5x Bronze (Outdoor)
→ D&AD 2017
Graphite Pencil (Outdoor Advertising)
→ Epica Awards 2017
Bronze (Fashion, Footwear & Personal Accessories)
→ Clios 2017
4x Shortlists (Fashion Photography)

Museum of Wi-Fi
Honorable Mention (Site of the Day)

The Anti-Foot Can
→ Cristal Festival 2014
Gold (Marketing Innovation)
Bronze (Brand Entertainment & Content)
Bronze (Consumer Marketing)
Bronze (Outdoor)
4x Shortlists
→ New York Festivals Advertising Awards 2015
Gold (Branded Entertainment)
→ Webby Awards 2015
Nominee (Social)
→ Eurobest 2014
Finalist (Innovation)
→ Grand Prix Stratégies du Brand Content 2014
Gold (Event)
→ Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport 2014
Gold (Event)

En Mode Voiture
→ Grand Prix du Brand Content 2013
Gold (Charity / Social / Great Causes)
→ Grand Prix Stratégies du Marketing Digital 2013
Gold (Interactive Movie)

Gère ton Permis
→ Grand Prix du E-Marketing 2013
Bronze (Online Campaign)
→ Grand Prix du Brand Content 2012
Gold (Bank / Insurance)
→ Top Com Consulmer 2012
Bronze (Online Campaign)