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Hi—I'm Guillaume, a Creative Director from Paris now living the Dutch life in Amsterdam. Until I save up enough money to realize my dream of becoming a star-faring astrotourist, I’m realizing new, transformative ideas, back here on Earth.
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Founder, Creative Director

How to transform a city that can't be transformed?

Context Amsterdam has some impressive ambitions when it comes to generating renewable energy. By 2025, the city has pledged that 1/4 of its electricity will be sustainably generated, but in the centre, packed with monuments and protected buildings, solar panels are not permitted. Other infrastructure necessary for the transition, like electricity substations and transformers, are way too big or just too ugly to fit.

Mission How to transform a city that can’t be transformed?

Idea The S-PARK, a bike rack reimagined that redistributes the electricity produced by people on their bikes, to their own neighborhood.


Above Case Study for S-Park.

Above S-Park's docking system.

How does it work?

Above S-Park's bespoke wheel once installed.

Simple. Every neighbor is given a special front wheel. Once installed, it stores the energy generated while cycling and braking in batteries.

At the end of the day, when everyone comes back home and parks their bike, the energy is then redistributed into the neighborhood’s electrical grid, providing enough clean electricity to power all the surrounding streetlights, to play video games, or power a fridge for a full day. In more concrete terms, for a rack of 30 bikes, with an average cycled distance of 3.6 km per person everyday, it would harvest around 1kWh. Also, per year, it’s 615 kg of CO2 that is not released in the air.

Above For a rack of 30 bikes, with an average cycled distance of 3.6 km per person everyday, S-Park would harvest around 1kWh.

Designed for Amsterdam

Like electrons coming together as a stream, neighbors are coming together around a initiative clean energy initiative.

The S-Spark is designed to fit perfectly in the Amsterdam cityscape, making a clean energy infrastructure part of the environment. Its shape is inspired by the sinusoidal curve of AC current—just like electrons coming together as a stream, neighbors are coming together around an initiative that saves money and generates clean electricity.

Above Mashable's Video for S-Park.

Awards & Press

D&AD 2019
FUTURE IMPACT WINNER (Initiative / Environment and Sustainability)

FINALIST (Community)

Fast Company
What if your bike commute generated energy for your neighborhood? 

S-Park Bike Rack Creates Renewable Energy 

Innovative bike rack turns your biking into electricity — Future Blink 

Interesting Engineering
Next Generation Bike Rack 

L'idée de génie pour faire des économies d'énergie 

Since 2018, I've been working as Senior Creative at 72andSunny Amsterdam on brands such as Audi, Axe, Google and HackYour­Future.


2018 → Senior Creative @ 72andSunny Amsterdam


2018 → Associate Creative Director @ Anomaly Amsterdam
2015 → Senior Creative @ Anomaly Amsterdam
2013 → Senior Creative @ Fred & Farid Paris
2012 → Art Director @ Magic Garden
2010 → Art Director @ TBWA Paris


Behind the Source
→ Caples 2020
Silver (Digital B to B)
Silver (Digital B to C)
Bronze (Not for Profit)
Bronze (PR)

→ D&AD 2019
Future Impact Winner (Initiative / Environment and Sustainability)
→ Index Award 2019
Finalist (Community)

→ Cannes Lions 2019
Bronze (Creative eCommerce)
2x Shortlists (Creative eCommerce)
Shortlist (Creative Data)

→ D&AD 2019
Shortlist (Campaign / Environment and Sustainability)
→ Epica Awards 2019
Silver (Promotions & Incentives)
Shortlist (Public Interest - Environment)

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Make Love Not Walls
→ Cannes Lions 2017
5x Bronze (Outdoor)
→ D&AD 2017
Graphite Pencil (Outdoor Advertising)
→ Epica Awards 2017
Bronze (Fashion, Footwear & Personal Accessories)
→ Clios 2017
4x Shortlists (Fashion Photography)

Museum of Wi-Fi
Honorable Mention (Site of the Day)

The Anti-Foot Can
→ Cristal Festival 2014
Gold (Marketing Innovation)
Bronze (Brand Entertainment & Content)
Bronze (Consumer Marketing)
Bronze (Outdoor)
4x Shortlists
→ New York Festivals Advertising Awards 2015
Gold (Branded Entertainment)
→ Webby Awards 2015
Nominee (Social)
→ Eurobest 2014
Finalist (Innovation)
→ Grand Prix Stratégies du Brand Content 2014
Gold (Event)
→ Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport 2014
Gold (Event)

En Mode Voiture
→ Grand Prix du Brand Content 2013
Gold (Charity / Social / Great Causes)
→ Grand Prix Stratégies du Marketing Digital 2013
Gold (Interactive Movie)

Gère ton Permis
→ Grand Prix du E-Marketing 2013
Bronze (Online Campaign)
→ Grand Prix du Brand Content 2012
Gold (Bank / Insurance)
→ Top Com Consulmer 2012
Bronze (Online Campaign)