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Hi—I'm Guillaume, a Creative Director from Paris now living the Dutch life in Amsterdam. Until I save up enough money to realize my dream of becoming a star-faring astrotourist, I’m realizing new, transformative ideas, back here on Earth.
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World Health Organization

Side Hustle

Founder, Creative Director

How to turn sh*t into gold?

Context In the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, health systems collapsed everywhere, challenging our collective capacity to respond. With an exponential need for medical equipment and lacking support for the healthcare workers on the frontlines, it was crucial to fund and foster a global response, urgently.

Mission How to help, even if just a little?

Idea With looming lockdowns sparking panic buying, toilet paper suddenly became the icon of our global distress. So overnight, we launched GIVE-A-SHEET, an emergency call for quarantined artists to unite and turn the coveted item into a canvas—channeling art into a force against the pandemic.


Above Case Study for GIVE-A-SHEET.

Above Masks, made by Michele Ravanetti in Roccabianca, Italy on day #35 of quarantine.

Helping wipe the outbreak away

In the end, 100 sheets were sold out for a total donation of $12,550.

People could go on to purchase a square, or contribute. @give.a.sheet could also be followed on Instagram, where artists started using their own feed as a window into the initiative. With all the proceeds going towards the WHO, anyone, anywhere, could go on to purchase a square of TP art, thus helping wipe the outbreak away.

From symbol of distress to symbol of hope

Above Credits to all the the sheet-givers: Aleksandra Atanasovski, Andrea Messer, Astrid Niari, Blazve, Catalina Larkins, Charlotte Burke, Cristina Morettini, Deborah Garber, Federica Martini, Friederike Dietz, Grazie Prokopetz, Gregg Clampffer, Guillaume Roukhomovsky, Hayley Lim, Henry Klein, Jessica Simonis, Katy Edelsten, KC Hong, Laura Colored, LoveNotCorona, Lucie Meslien, Manon Chrétien, Mareka Stake, Masaya Kochi, Michael Paoletti, Michele Ravanetti, Mirabolle, Paul Joseph Seddon, Pnzni, Romain Joveneau, Simone Taylor, Studio Garonzi, Stéphane = Damien, William de Lannoy, Yeo Li Shian, Yue, Étienne Morin.

From humble initiative to global fundraiser

Above Some of the sheet-givers at work.

With no less than 50 artists from 28 countries answering the call, GIVE-A-SHEET scaled up from a humble Amsterdam-based initiative to a global fundraiser.

Many artists actually spontaneously reached out to get involved. One toilet paper sheet at a time, they transformed the ironic icon into a hopeful one, collecting money for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, helping the frontline from their home — but also triggering confidence, smiles and wows all around the globe and the gram.

Above Home by Blazve.

From a symbol of distress to one of hope

Eventually, the large resonance of the initiative on and offline exceeded its initial, simple fundraising purpose.

Squarespace (our web host) contacted us to offer free media space; large media companies (like Mashable) offered to cover our story online, and offline. And yes, people sometimes spent $500 over a single square of TP, not just because it was art, but because it was a fight.

Above Mashable's Video for GIVE-A-SHEET.

Since 2018, I've been working at 72andSunny Amsterdam on brands such as Axe, Coca-Cola, Google and Under Armour.


2022 → Creative Director
@ 72andSunny Amsterdam


2020 → Associate Creative Director
@ 72andSunny Amsterdam

2018 → Senior Creative
@ 72andSunny Amsterdam

2017 → Associate Creative Director
@ Anomaly Amsterdam

2015 → Senior Creative
@ Anomaly Amsterdam

2013 → Senior Creative
@ Fred & Farid Paris

2012 → Art Director
@ Magic Garden

2010 → Art Director
@ TBWA Paris


Torrents of Truth
→ Anthem Awards 2023
GOLD (Humanitarian Action & Services - Product or Service)
GOLD (Humanitarian Action & Services - National Awareness Campaign)
SILVER (Humanitarian Action & Services - News & Journalism)
SILVER (Humanitarian Action & Services - Awareness & Media)
→ Shorty Awards 2023
WINNER (Pro Bono, Emerging Platform)
AUDIENCE HONOR (Pro Bono, Emerging Platform)
GOLD (Local Campaign)

Behind the Source
→ Eurobest 2020
GOLD (Digital Craft)
→ ADCN 2021
GOLD (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)
FINALIST (Digital Craft)
→ Clio Awards 2020
BRONZE (Cause Related)
→ Epica Awards 2020
BRONZE (Websites)
BRONZE (Public Interest - Social)
→ Lovie Awards 2020
GOLD (Best Cause Marketing Campaign)
→ Caples 2020
Silver (Digital B to B)
Silver (Digital B to C)
Bronze (Not for Profit)
Bronze (PR)

United Earth Space Force
→ Awwwards 2020
SITE OF THE DAY (October 30, 2020)

→ D&AD 2019
Future Impact Winner (Initiative / Environment and Sustainability)
→ Index Award 2019
Finalist (Community)

→ Cannes Lions 2019
Bronze (Creative eCommerce)
2x Shortlists (Creative eCommerce)
Shortlist (Creative Data)

→ D&AD 2019
Shortlist (Campaign / Environment and Sustainability)
→ Epica Awards 2019
Silver (Promotions & Incentives)
Shortlist (Public Interest - Environment)

→ One Show 2021
Shortlist (User-Generated Content)
Shortlist (Innovation in Lockdown)

Search Sounds
FWA of the Day (September 6, 2019)

Make Love Not Walls
→ Cannes Lions 2017
5x Bronze (Outdoor)
→ D&AD 2017
Graphite Pencil (Outdoor Advertising)
→ Epica Awards 2017
Bronze (Fashion, Footwear & Personal Accessories)
→ Clios 2017
4x Shortlists (Fashion Photography)

Museum of Wi-Fi
Honorable Mention (Site of the Day)

The Anti-Foot Can
→ Cristal Festival 2014
Gold (Marketing Innovation)
Bronze (Brand Entertainment & Content)
Bronze (Consumer Marketing)
Bronze (Outdoor)
4x Shortlists
→ New York Festivals Advertising Awards 2015
Gold (Branded Entertainment)
→ Webby Awards 2015
Nominee (Social)
→ Eurobest 2014
Finalist (Innovation)
→ Grand Prix Stratégies du Brand Content 2014
Gold (Event)
→ Grand Prix Stratégies du Sport 2014
Gold (Event)

En Mode Voiture
→ Grand Prix du Brand Content 2013
Gold (Charity / Social / Great Causes)
→ Grand Prix Stratégies du Marketing Digital 2013
Gold (Interactive Movie)

Gère ton Permis
→ Grand Prix du E-Marketing 2013
Bronze (Online Campaign)
→ Grand Prix du Brand Content 2012
Gold (Bank / Insurance)
→ Top Com Consulmer 2012
Bronze (Online Campaign)