The Anti-Foot Can



Orangina MissO! — the sugar free version of Orangina — states that women are the stronger sex.


How to prove it once and for all?


To create a weapon capable to hijack the manliest event that exists: the Anti-Foot Can, a can that will switch off any football game during the Football World Cup 2014.

Case Study

The Anti-Foot Can embeds a TV-Be-Gone, a technology created during the 80s by the anti-consumerist movement. Covering a wide range of frequencies it broadcasts an infrared shutdown signal to every TVs 15 meters around.

We wanted international attention, so we manufactured more than 5.000 cans. And a day before the World Cup opening, we sent the weapon to key female opinion leaders, bloggers, fans and followers of Orangina MissO!

We released a viral video of a woman using the Anti-Foot Can in a bar full of football fans. On Youtube, it got as much Dislikes than Likes, proving that men didn’t really enjoy the takeover of women.

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