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While most of us keep the standard NETGEAR-1581, Linksys_8A or UPC27458, some have decided to shake things up and take their Wi-Fi names to the next level. Inappropriate punchlines proudly shouted out to entire neighborhoods. Wireless, intangible pieces of graffiti that pass through walls, seduce girls next door, and mess with people, passive-aggressive style.


As Wi-Fi has became a true new form of poetry, how to preserve all these wireless masterpieces?


The Museum of Wi-Fi, a museum where there is literally nothing to admire but wireless signals on your phone.


The Museum

The Museum of Wi-Fi was inaugurated in Amsterdam from the 10th to the 14th of January 2018 at Bradwolff Projects and invited the visitors to get lost in its endless gallery of wireless masterpieces.

When you arrive at the Museum of Wi-Fi your first impression may be to feel fooled as there appears to be absolutely nothing exhibited. No frames on the wall, no sculptures, just an empty space.

Except for this odd installation right in the middle of the room: a Wi-Fi router. Stare at it for hours if you like to, but don’t get this wrong: this ain’t some contemporary art.

Indeed, if you grab your phone out of your pocket and go to the the Wi-Fi menu, there they are: hundreds of wireless masterpieces. Poetic radio waves floating in the air of the room, waiting to be admired.

The Museum of Wi-Fi exists to preserve these funny, silly and explicit Wi-Fi names found out there in our neighborhoods. Some are brilliantly badass, some are just purely gross. They all belong in the Museum of Wi-Fi.

The Opening Exhibition

Like any museum, the Museum of Wi-Fi had its very own opening exhibition...

The Posters

...its posters...

The Website

...and its website:

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